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Avant Garde Festival 1967.mpg

Avant Garde Festival 1967.mpg

5th Annual New York City Avant Garde Festival, Sept 29-30, 1967
Staten Island Ferry (John F Kennedy) for 24 hours.
Charlotte Moorman directed this event between 1963 and 1980.

Besides Charlottte Moorman and Nam June Paik, other artists I could identfy included Lil Picard: "Ballad of Sweet Peas (Peace) and Lollypops"; Jim McWilliams: "Slow Dance on the Ferry"; Jackson MacLow: "Twenty Four Hour Paripatetic Versions on the Word Ferry Boat for Charlotte Moorman"; Jean Toche: "Impossible Telephone"; Carolee Schneemann: "Nightcrawler II"; Jud Yalkut; Geoff Hendricks; Ayo: "Statue in Rainbow", Frank Lincoln Viner

Shot as a practice exercise after taking a short film making course from an independent film maker when I was 19. Used a hand held Bolex 16 mm camera with 3 lens turret on 100 foot rolls of tri-x reversal, no sound or lighting.

Besides the poor camera work this footage has traveled a long and hard road and only recently was digitized. And to state the obvious: I also have no editing experience. My hope is that this footage has some historic significance for the art community.

Sound files came from UbuWeb.

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